Peasants Chapter Four Out Now!

Has help came to the Peasants? One way to find out. Check out the newest chapter below. Like always, these are flash chapters, meant to be quick and fun reads. Comment below on what you think of the journey so far!


My MCU Ranking (Pre Infinity War)

After countless weeks of watching the full MCU, here is my MCU ranking as of the Pre Infinity War Era. A lot of these were tough to place (and yes there are ties!) and some were easy. My main criteria were: Did I like it? My initial thoughts of the movie during the first viewing... Continue Reading →

Peasants Chapter One out Now!

Check out the first entry in the ongoing series called Peasants, called Mere Peasants An epic story about the peasants who are often collateral damage when a knight fights a dragon to protect the princess, or an army of orcs fight for territory against a nation of elves. In the village of Lonely Stone End, everything happens... Continue Reading →

New Series Premiere

My new ongoing flash fiction series Peasants is out now with the first flash chapter: Chapter One: Mere Peasants. Flash Fiction and Flash Chapters are very short stories, ranging from 100 to 1000 words. I usually write a chapter from 30 minutes to an hour, with another hour or two in editing. A new chapter every Monday,... Continue Reading →


Messaging- Why Audience Matters by John Wotton, is a timely book about how brothers and sisters in Christ should respond on Social Media. The basic premise is that the internet has really opened up the ugly side of people giving their opinions without filter, and Christians have not been immune. Based on biblical patterns, Wotton lays... Continue Reading →

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