My 2018 Reading Pile

Just picked out the books I want to read in 2018 from my mountain of unread books; and I am excited! (The picture is missing some books that I haven’t ordered yet.)

Throwing in some books and genres I don’t normally read, like poetry, but definitely something I want to explore.  Some of the title’s I’m really excited about are Counting Descent by Clint Smith, he is well regarded poet and someone who has a different perspective then me which I really want to read and learn.

Another is Growing in Prayer by Mike Bickle, this has been one I’ve started and stopped like a billion times, so I’m excited to chew my way through it this year. I think this will be like Hamilton by Ron Chernow in terms of having to read it bit by bit to grab all the details.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick is another book I’m excited about reading. I love anything to do about the dangers of AI and technology, because I believe there is a real downside to all this stuff that is being ignored or just not as heavily thought about in the collective culture.

And the last one I’m going to mention is Tried by Fire by William J Bennett. This one goes through the early Chruch history, I believe through the first thousand years. It’s going to be an interesting read, and probably another one I’m going to have to chew through.

What is on your to-read list in 2018? What are you most excited about reading? Are there any new up in coming authors you recommend? Comment below.


What I’m Reading- 11/27/2017 Edition


**What I’m Reading is a new series in which I get to share what book I’m currently shoving my face into.

I’ve been reading this one for a while, because it is a colossal of a read, but my current reading is Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. It’s an amazing book that is an all encompassing look at Hamilton’s life. It’s taken me awhile to chew through it but I’m nearing the end, which is good but terrible at the same time because (spoiler alert if you don’t know American early history) he dies.

I’m not going post much in terms of my thoughts on the book yet, I’m reserving that until after I finish and at which point I can let loose all these pent up thoughts. But I will say it’s a really good read and I encourage you to pick it up. Hamilton’s life is very inspiring at times while also being a cautionary tale about working too much and/or having too much pride.

Well, I’m going to stop writing and get back to reading.

What books are you currently reading, or on your to-read-list? Drop a comment below.

P.S. And yes, I am reading this because of the musical Hamilton, I’m just very far behind in my reading list (#alwayslatetotheparty).

God & Chocolate

I love chocolate.

This is no mystery if you know me. I have a major sweet tooth, and it is always set to Dark Chocolate. Hersey’s, Dove, that one Aldi’s brand that is way to good to be sold at Aldi for that price; what ever it is, if its chocolate, I want it.

I must admit, when I pack my lunch I sometimes find myself wondering how I can score some chocolate for a after lunch desert. We usually don’t buy any for the apartment, mostly because I’ll tear through it; so I’m lucky that there are many candy dishes at my coworkers cubes.

But sometimes, random coworker will just drop off chocolate at my desk. To be kind, to say thank you, to bribe me into looking into a issue they have. What ever the reason, sometimes chocolate just finds its way to me.

The other morning was another example of chocolate just coming to me. A coworker of mine gave me some chocolate for helping her with a problem. As she left me this little prize, it dawned on me, that even though this is a small gift, God was blessing me with it. He knows my heart and he knows that I love and look forward to chocolate, and here he is taking care of that. It wasn’t a need, it wasn’t something super spiritual,  just a desire to have some chocolate. And here he is, a good good father, giving me some.

This isn’t one of those huge testimony type blessings, but for me, this is something that makes me happy. It was something that made my Monday more enjoyable, and if we think about, we all need something to make Mondays as enjoyable as possible.

God doesn’t just go after the big stuff, but the little things in life as well. Those small gestures, that probably don’t mean a lot to others, but puts a big smile on your face, like a piece of chocolate for lunch. God cares about our whole life, a 360 view of it. There is no area off limit to God, there is no area in our life that he doesn’t want to transform and bless.

I am so thankful for a God that cares of all me needs, even if it is as small as wanting a piece of chocolate.

Two Sentence Story Challenge

A very interesting and exciting challenge has been issued by C.S. Wilde on her blog.

The challenge: write a story in two sentences. Straightforward enough.

Here we go..


The couple, with joy and awe, stared over the precipice. Then they said “I do.”


It’s so cool how many directions you can go with two sentences, and how only two sentences can spark your imagination. I will definitely use this for some fiction writing.

Thanks for the idea  Wilde!

Syrian Refugees, Selfless Compassion and Pro Life

My heart breaks, for a lot of reasons.

For teens on drugs, for babies that are killed in the womb. Recently my heart breaks for Paris and Beirut. For all the families that have to move forward without loved ones. My heart breaks for all those who are being displaced by war and senseless acts of violence. My heart breaks for ISIS members, and I struggle between wanting them all dead so their hate can not harm anyone else and wanting them all to come to know Jesus and renounce their acts of hate.

There are a lot of feelings involved in wars and terrorist acts. Fear, hate, sadness, compassion, longing for hope, seeking peace.

These feelings can drive our decisions, like the decisions to set up camps for Japanese citizens during WWII.

There is a group of people in need, and are we just going to shut our doors to them from fear? We are just going to leave them stranded and in need outside, while we are inside where it is safe and warm?

I completely understand the risks involved. I understand that there are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but there are a lot of genuine sheep and very very little wolves. When did compassion become a pick and choose event? When did compassion equate to having to stay safe?

I believe as Christians we are called to selfless compassion, selfless service; not safety. The Savior of the World (Jesus) did not save the world by putting his safety first, but the other way around. So shall our compassion reflect the selfless acts of our savior. Our compassion should not be a reflection of our political party lines, nor should it be used to garner political support.

Our compassion should be rooted in God’s love and given freely out to those in genuine need. And there is genuine need.

And one last thing:

If we are pro-life in the womb, we should be pro-life out of the womb. If we only support fetuses living, but do not support people, what is the point. We will only grow the baby to hate them later. Lets value all life, at all stages of life.



My New Favorite Acronym: EMOM

So last night I had pizza. Usually when we decide to order some of those Delicious pies, its an huge pig out on my part, an eating frenzy that would making animal planet proud. I’m talking half a pizza, breadsticks, and desert. A size of meal that would feed a reasonable person a couple of meals.

Last night, though, I only had a quarter of a pizza, two slices (feta cheese, pineapple and pepperoni! Hmmmm Delicious!). Okay so I had half of the breadsticks, but I didn’t have any desert! So I call it a win in terms of eating less. Also, after letting the food settle, I didn’t feel hungry at all. I wasn’t stuffed nor starving, but just right.

I decided last night semi-healthy decision was enough momentum and motivation to get back to working out. I haven’t worked out for about two weeks, so I knew I wasn’t going to be at the top of my game. Also I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to go to the gym or exercise at home tonight, plus I had to run some errands during lunch, so I had a very limited time window. I have been reading a bunch of exercise tips and tricks on Men’s Health, and one that stood out in particular was EMOM, which stands for Every Minute On the Minute. Basically you start your reps at the top of the minute, do your set amount of reps, and the rest for the remainder of the minute, and once the new minute rolls around, start again. The point is to do enough reps as you can without having to sacrifice form or the amount of time, also do enough to go through the minute with a little time left over to rest. I figured with my limited time window, trying a 10 minute session of EMOM would work.

Here was my set:

  1. 6 burpees
  2. 6 burpees
  3. 5 push ups (with a five second hold at the bottom)
  4. 5 push ups (with a five second hold)
  5. 30 seconds of  jump squats
  6. 30 seconds of jump squats
  7. 5 burpees
  8. 4 push ups (with a four second hold)
  9. 20 seconds jump squats

It was only 9 minutes, but I was more tired then I am after a 1.5 mile run on the treadmill. I think 9 minutes is worth the sacrifice to get that type of response. Plus as time grows I can increase my amount of time plus the amount of reps per minute, then add other pieces to the regiment. Another plus is having an exercise that your excited about is way better then having to force yourself to work out.

Happy sweating everybody!

Good Food, Bad Food, I just want the Food (“Fed Up” Documentary Response)

So I knew about bad eating, I also knew about good eating. I knew pop is bad and the more ingredients there is (with longer names, that you don’t understand) the more likely that its bad for you.

But something about this documentary, scared the sugar out of me. After watching this, I wanted to purge myself of everything I’ve ever eaten, EVER.

It was like something finally clicked in my brain, and I realized I have to not only change the way I eat, but the way I view food. I can’t only focus on the taste of the food but what the effects putting it in my body might be.

If you are not aware, Fed Up is a documentary (which is now available on Netflix) about the obesity epidemic in America. It focuses on the food industry’s (negative) connection to the issue and how food companies are only making things worse for the consumer. You always have to be careful with documentaries to not absorb it without a filter, because they are naturally want to sell or promote a specific idea. While the documentary keeps berating the food industry, it does throw in some education along the way.

The documentary has caused me to change how I view the food I eat, and has made me start checking the labels way more. It also made me rethink my weight loss approach:

  1. Casual exercise won’t give results. Have to go hard
  2. Eating better, life giving, foods is a must
  3. Eating less will go along way
  4. I am the owner of my food choices.

Eating out isn’t completely off the table, but I need to order way smarter and portion control myself. Discipline with food is a key. You don’t really think about disciplining the way you eat because eating isn’t inherently bad. But with food so readily available, and so heavily processed, using discipline is a must (definitely if you went to Taco Bell every other day in college).

In the end this is a lifestyle and not just a temporary fix. I don’t want to live my life in a hospital or nursing home waiting for diabetes to kill me. I know Jesus heals and that he can take away any disease, but there is a responsibility that one should have and not just carelessly lean on God to fix their messes. I don’t want to be like that, I want to prevent the problem so I don’t have to worry about fixing it later.

So here is to good eating!

Wicked Dogs!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

Since I don’t feel like talking about evil today I will totally ignore this post and post a few pictures of dogs dressed up as the wicked witch/Halloween costume. All pictures came from a simple Google search, I have no legal ownership of them.

This one just for fun:

Where did that cat come from??? Have to take that one out, this post is about dogs!…..but it so cuuutttteeeeeeeeeee.

Dad’s Vinyls

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Papa Loves Mambo.”


I have always been the black sheep of my family in the music department. While I grew up listening and liking country my heart grew to love rock and metal. I loved the heavy riffs, the soaring guitar solos, the brutal breakdowns; I love rock! Even though rock and metal are my go to jams, I also listen to worship, classical, pop, folk, rap, and what ever else comes up. I love music in all it’s styles and forms.

While I don’t listen to the same music as my family, my dad has been my biggest musical influence. He did listen to classic rock, which introduced me to genre. We would often listen to it in the car; usually when it was him and I, and we would just drive. It was a great and fun time with my dad.

To go with it, my dad owned a record player (before the hipsters made it mainstream), and my favorite vinyls that he owned were John Croce’s Don’t Mess Around with JimLife and Times, and I Got a Name and the soundtrack Eddie and the Curisers (but when I was growing up, I never knew it was a soundtrack….even though it said Soundtrack on the record).

See it says Soundtrack *facepalm*

So while these records weren’t heavy rock these records really gave me a taste for the rock genre and all it could offer.

So thanks dad!

Rock On!