Joe’s Favorite Albums of the Year

I am not an big authority in music. I’m just a musician (very very part time) and love music. Most of the day I have my ear buds in at my cube just jamming out; it must look hilarious to my coworkers when I accidently let out a head-bang.

So because I love music I made up my own list of top albums of the year, because why not? I have my own blog sucka…

Next year I want to actually put out reviews on some records, so hopefully the music section on this blog blows up next year.

Oh  before I forget, sound off in the comments what are your favorite albums of the year and did they match any of mine? This could be a chance to expand both of our musical horizons.

On to the list!


  1. Lecrae- Anomaly
  2. Trip Lee- Rise
  3. Any Mineo- Neverland
  4. Social Club- Misfits 2
  5. Hillary Jane- Sticks and Stones
  6. Propaganda- Crimson Cord

Lets be real, who else would be on top?? This was Lecrae’s year and it is definitely a reward for all the hard work and great songs!! Trip Lee created an amazing, hard hitting album and if it wasn’t for Lecrae, he would be a shoe-in for the top spot.  Andy Mineo just gave us a taste for what’s to come from him. So since he teased us, I’m teasing him with the third spot ;-p Social Club became one of my favorite artists this year. Their third full length was fun and thought provoking, but it did suffer from some pacing issues in the second half.  Hillary Jane comes in at #5 with her debut ‘Sticks and Stones’ EP, which is pretty solid for a freshman release. Propaganda  comes in at six because is stuff always blows my mind and I have to ponder his lyrics because the are the most thought provoking out of any artist on this list. He only suffered because I didn’t spend that much time on the record…hey it’s my fav list don’t hate.

Metal/ Metalcore

  1. For Today- Fight the Silence
  2. Beartooth- Disgusting
  3. Demon Hunter- Extremist
  4. Memphis May Fire- Unconditional
  5. The Overseer- Reset & Let Go

For Today came out swinging for the top spot and they won! “Fight the Silence” was an awesome album that kept me listening for the majority of the year. Beartooth blew up this year (but don’t worry they are still in one piece), and their cd was a great listen. Demon Hunter is always a solid band and their new effort “Extremist” did not disappoint. This was the first year (and really the latter part of the year) I really got into Memphis May Fire, so I didn’t have a lot of time to spend with the album but it still ended up in the fourth spot. The Overseer rounds out the list with “Reset & Let Go”, a solid effort.


  1. House of Heroes- Smoke
  2. Mike Mains & The Branches- Calm Down, Everything is Fine
  3. Artifex Pereo- Time in Place
  4. Flyleaf- Between the Stars
  5. Ilia- Reborn

House of Heroes took the cake with their EP Smoke. They are always a solid band and this release was nothing different. Mike Mains & The Branches had an amazing album, and like Trip Lee if House of Heroes wasn’t so awesome Mike and company would have easily took the cake. Artifex Pereo released a heavy hitter that was great fun to listen to and has lots of replay value. Flyleaf released their third full length which was the first album featuring new singer Kristen May. Her vocals didn’t disappoint. Ilia comes in fourth with their EP Reborn.


  1. Truslow- Hurricane
  2. Matty Mullins- Self Titled
  3. Gaslight Anthem- Get Hurt
  4. Anberlin- Lowborn
  5. Family Force 5- Time Stands Still

Truslow’s ‘Hurricane’ takes the cake, it is upbeat and stays that way throughout the whole EP. Very little EPs and LPs have the consistent energy like Truslow has. Matty Mullins self titled debut was a fun and thoughtful album. Gaslight Anthem put a heavy twist on their familiar and trademark sound. It had a lot of pacing issues but Gaslight Anthem is a good enough band to over come that. Anberlin had a great album, but the tragedy is that Lowborn was not their best, meaning they left the music scene on a lower point.  Family Force 5 released their first album since the leaving of their original lead singer Soul Glow Activator. It was a good outing but a lot slower then I was expecting.


  1. Bellarive- Before There Was
  2. Bethel Music-  You Make Me Brave
  3. King’s Kaleidoscope- Becoming Who We Are
  4. Jesus Culture-  Unstoppable Love
  5. John Mark McMillan- Borderland

Check them all out, they are all really good a deserve a listen to. So listen to them. Really do it….. DO IT!!!

So do we agree on any of the genre’s or does my list totally clash with yours? Sound of in the comments below.


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