Why I think The Interview should be played…

I’m not going to see The Interview; and to be honest I would probably hate it if I did. Not because it is getting all this bad (but actually good) publicity but because Seth Rogen isn’t my style. I don’t like his comedy, so I simply don’t watch his stuff, nuff said. But I do think his new movie¬†The Interview¬†should be played in the United States. Why should a dictator dictate (not sure if the pun was intended or not) if a movie is played…IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!! Its more understandable if it was in the country you rule over, I get it you make the rules and you hate the movie so it won’t be seen; I get it.

But why should he care about if its seen in another country. If he is worried about bad press he is really focusing on the wrong thing. There is usually a constant stream of news article that touches on the poor living conditions of North Korea or the most recent attack threat. If I was a Supreme ruler I would focus on those articles not this movie. Movies come and go, seen and forgotten. But perception lingers for much longer. Who ever his PR guy is, he should really think of getting a new one, because he is not doing well.

I know I’m not the only person with this opinion and really a majority of people will share this sentiment, I just decided to comment on it this time around. So what are your thoughts on this more-dramatic-then-a-high-school situation?


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