Going hard in 2015

Go Hard

Sorry for my lack of posts as of late. There are many things I want to accomplish this year, many good consistencies I want to establish, which has taken my attention from this. I have an end goal that I’m heading to, and I want to reach it. But to reach it will take work, it will take dedication. It will take long hours and thoughtfulness. It will take hanging out with friends, fun community times, and being purposeful in my relationships. It will also take rest and meditation.That is the biggest struggle for me. My wife will tell you I’m not a napper, I would rather be up doing something then sitting still. But this year I find myself needing to balance the running around with the silent place; being task oriented with due dates and objectives and then being calm and open. I have to be able to focus in on things now so I have more time later to spend in the silent place. I need to be more purposeful and not take my time for granted, which I am very guilty of doing.

In the last 20 days of 2015 I feel like I have been running; okay sometimes I speed walk but hey, its still forward momentum. I want to produce more fruit, personally, spiritually, in my career, in my blog. I want to read more, I want to hang out with friends more. I want to disciple more, I want to grow more. I want to see more healings take place and see the spiritually dead come to life.

I want to do all these many different things, but it is all in one similar vain: I want to go after God more. I know there is more to his character and his presence then what I know and have experienced. There is a level of his holiness I have yet to understand. There is a level of maturity that he is calling me to that I haven’t leveled up in. There are places he wants me to go, where I haven’t been. There are things he wants me to say that I’ve never said.

I want to go 100 mph this year, I want to give all that I got. I want to put in the hard work, so at the end of the day when I rest my head I know I have no regrets. No stone left un-turned, no fight un-fought, no hurt unhealed. I’m giving it all I got this time around, I’m going hard.


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