Global Wage Comparison= I’m rich!

No I’m not a CEO, or some athlete or a movie star. I don’t live in a mansion or a house (Shout out to all the renters out there), graduated college so there are those loans. I could complain…..I could…

But I do live in the United States and have a job in IT. I knew I made decent money but today was a good reminder of how well I have it. A friend posted a link to a CNN site (here) that compares you salary to the United State’s average and the World’s average. I decided to ¬†combine my salary with my wife’s and learned (not shockingly but very humbly) we are very well off. We are make about 300% more then the world’s average, which is $19,188 (USD) a year! God blesses me in ways I can’t imagine and in ways I just take for granted.

But what next? What is the use of knowing how you compare if you don’t do anything about it. Since the classes from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace our financial plan has been this (there are more steps in Ramsey’s plan but the main outline is this):

  1. Pay off debt
  2. Set up savings for future/retirement/children

This just makes me want to steps 1 & 2 faster. There are people that need our help, and while we can’t care for everybody we should take care of those we can. ¬†

I’m not perfect in this, and there are times were all I want to do is spend everything on myself. But today I have been very humbled, and very inspired.


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