Why the Church needs more Jesus and less Us

Scrolling through Instagram I found an interesting hashtag: #godisfake. I wasn’t shocked by this hashtag (its the internet, people have different opinions and thoughts), I was more sadden because this person has been deceived. After clicking on the hashtag and seeing some of the posts I was shocked about something. I was shocked at the fact that most of the posts weren’t attacking God on the subject of logic but on the subject of strength & power. The posts ranged from God not healing people to people dying of hunger and God’s hatred, all posts had a mocking overtone.

This grieved me and convicted me. Jesus came and unleashed the power of the Holy Spirit. He healed the blind, lame and sick. He prophesied over and about many. He told us to feed the hungry (spiritually and physically). He told us to care for the orphans and widows.

But what has the mainstream church concerned itself about? Has it been about the hungry? Has it been about the sick? The ones dying physically and spiritually? Has it been about the oppressed? NO. It has been about our own validation. It has been about being right and trying to make people confess that WE are right. This is not the same as making disciples and spreading the Gospel, and inviting people to confess that GOD is holy.

I had a speaker once say (paraphrasing) “If some isn’t healed when we pray, does that mean God is still God?”

I think as a church we have manufactured our own Jesus- one that doesn’t take faith, but work. A Jesus that fits into a box where we can fully explain him and give all the right answers. A Jesus that depends on us instead of us depending on him. Note- This is different than Jesus using us to spread the gospel and giving us specific callings.

The Church as a bride has gone into the business of defending a cause instead of promoting a Savior. We have twisted Christ into a check box, a demographic, a political statement. Instead of a savior that we can be passionate for and with. He is our leader not us.

So since he is our leader, are we putting proper techniques and flashiness as a more important objective then the Gospel of Jesus Christ? People need to see the love, grace, justice and power of the triune God. They need to know the sinless Son of Man who died for their sins. People need to see healings, they need to see the lame walking. People don’t need more of us, more of our programs or opinions. They need to know and experience Jesus. They need to know there is God that has power and sovereignty, and has partnered with his creation to carry that out.

A lot of this post is my own conviction crying out, it is my own introspective questioning. God has been changing a lot of my heart in terms of how I approach/do ministry both at church and in the workplace. And this is an amazing spot to be. It is better God disciplining and teaching me now rather then later.

My hearts cry today is very much “Lord let them know you!!”


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