Real Men Don’t Take Their Ladies to See ’50 Shades of Grey’ (My Thoughts on the Move)

I could go into a long explanation of why men (and women) should hate 50 Shades of Grey but it comes down to this:

Will you let your wife, girlfriend, sister, friend be engulfed in the same struggle that you have endured or currently enduring.

I think as men we should not only tell other men but women as well about the dangers of porn and the effect it has on your life. If we are called to protect, then let’s protect on all fronts. If you know its wrong for you to do it, why let someone else stumble.

I know there is a growing movement for women to have as much “freedom”/recognition in viewing porn as men currently do. There is now a lot more marketing aimed at women, so they can be sucked into the same struggle as men. Many people (including  psychologists  and other such authorities) say ’50 Shades of Grey’ is an important book because it has awoken the female eroticism & fantasies. It’s basically a win for women. But how is it a win, when having porn (or anything outside of your spouse) as an sexual outlet often leads to hurt and emptiness?

We are not just sexual people, that is not our full identity. When we just limit ourselves to a sexual identity we rob life of its texture, of its dimension. When we limit relationships to just sex, then we demean that relationship and that person. God made us more the just creatures of sex. Compared to God’s plan, sex is just a small piece. Its a good, fun piece, that has its place but a small piece indeed.

I’ll end by writing this:

If there is equality then let there be equality in freedom not in the chains of pornography. All porn is wrong for both genders, at all ages, for all relationship statuses.


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