Thought of the Day: A Trusted Phrase

Christians use a lot of catchy (and often cheesy) phrases that get used over and over and over again. They probably get so ingrained in our minds that we forget what they actually mean or what they originally was intended for. One phrase that is used over and over and over again (and has every right to be used that often) is “God loves you.”

“God loves you”

Sometimes a Christian can hear that phrase so much that the full meaning is forgotten, the weight and freedom of that truth is washed away. The fact that God loves us should never get desensitized from our hearts, because it is a ground breaking truth.

God, the creator of the universe, love us not for anything that we did but just the fact that he created us. We fell away from him and he still loves us!! He loves us so much he sent he came down and died for us (another phrased used often). When does a God ever die for his people, only once. This fact should never get old.

I think part of Paul’s success was the fact he was always in awe of Jesus. Paul never found Jesus boring or old news, he never let go of how much Jesus saved and restored him. Paul always gave the glory and honor to Jesus day in and day out.

We, as Christians, must stay in awe of Jesus, we should shoot for getting goosebumps every time we hear the phrase “God loves us,” because we remember what that actually means. We need to stay engaged with Jesus like it was the first time we encountered his saving presence.

Stay in awe of Jesus, and cling to the fact that “God DOES love you.”


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