Happiest Day

Today I read a blog about the blogger’s happiest day, or more like happiest moments. And I would have to agree with her but with a few exceptions. The happiest (full) days were definitely when I proposed and then wed my amazing and beautiful wife. The whole day for each of them were fun and joyful and just amazing. Besides those two days, there is no one day that screams this is my happiest, but rather there are moments that scream remember me. There are moments that are burned into my brain that remind me of friendship, love and the care of a great God. And in no order here are some moments that have made my life joyous:

  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit as friends prayed for me
  • Acting out Les Miserables songs with my dear friend Charlie and annoying our neighbors
  • Playing COD Zombies with my then roommate and great friend Daniel
  • Hanging out and mentoring teens
  • Landing the internship at CareSource
  • Jamming out at a small group praising God

The list could go on and on, but I’ll leave it at six.

I could write about the difference between momentary happiness and the joy the Jesus brings in the midst of life’s struggles, or that memories are best when shared and done with a community of friends. Or I could write about why we don’t remember full days and only moments. But I’ll just leave it at this; God has blessed me for no other reason then that he cares. I’m glad of his forgiveness and provision and that he holds true to his promises.

I feel truly blessed.

Also shout out to all my family and friends who have made living life awesome; thank you!!


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