15 Reasons Why I love to Hangout and Disciple Teens

This is not an exhaustive list but really the first 15 that came to mind. Youth ministry can be fun and very rewarding so I just wanted to voice my opinion. So without further ado, here is the list of 15 reasons why I love to Hangout and Disciple Teens.

  1. They are just fun
  2. They are full of soooooo much energy
  3. They think of things and view things in a way you would have never thought of
  4. They do things you would have never thought of
    1. This could also be very frustrating…
  5. They will tell you what they are thinking
    1. Sometimes. So if they do take that as a privilege and honor.
  6. They will tell you if they are bored or don’t like something
    1. This, I believe you need no special privilege for
  7. They give you a new insight on life and growing up, not necessarily by the wisdom they share but by their life, their struggles and triumphs.
  8. They will blow your mind in how much they do actually know and pay attention
    1. It might look like they aren’t, but they are listening
  9. I love to see teens grow personally, spiritually, in maturity, and in every area of their lives
  10. I love to see those “aha” moments
  11. I love to see when teens start grasping their calling God has on their Life
  12. They will push you to define what really matters in a ministry
  13. When they find their identity in Jesus and start living a life on fire for him.
  14. Its all about the feels bro!!!
  15. They keep me young….. because apparently I’m really old (I’m only 23….)

I love the teens that the Lord has blessed me with in the youth group (I refrain from saying MY youth group, because it isn’t mine it’s theirs), and I’m excited to have even more teens and even more awesome encounters with God and with this community.


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