Why Peter Parker Should Not Be in the MCU

Since the ‘Comic Book Movie Renaissance’ Spider-Man/Peter Parker has had 5 movies and 2 reboots. Now Peter Parker has a lot more stories in the tank and has a lot more to explore with the character. For one I think they haven’t spent enough time in High School. Those are some of Peter’s crucial, engaging years and they often just breeze through it, enough for the origin story to take hold.

Well all these reasons are enough to keep going with Peter Parker as Spider-Man, but what if they do a complete reboot of the character?

What if they replace Peter with Miles Morales? Who is Miles Morales? This is Miles:

Miles first appeared as a 12 year old who ended up getting bitten by a… you guessed it, a genetically enhanced spider. Miles has an Uncle that is on the wrong side of the law, a father against super heroes, and a loving mother.

My only compliant in the Miles Morales origin story is it ends up making the same beats as the ‘usual’ superhero origin story, albeit with a few different twists. One major ting is how long the initial Origin story is; they could make it into a whole trilogy if they wanted. Another great aspect of his story is the sense of innocence, confusion, coming-of-age for a boy so young. Its fresh and exciting.

Miles offers a fresh face and fresh stories that could bring in a massive audience more then Peter Parker can, because I believe more people can connect with him. Most obvious is the fact that he is of Black Hispanic descent, which can make him more accessible. But also the audience can connect with a character that is riddled with confusion, and trying to come to grips with a situation that is foreign. We are used to Peter Parker having spider powers, but Miles? How is he going to handle it, how is going to hide it, how will he adapt? And most importantly, how is he going to carry on the Spider-Man mantle? Not everyone knows his story, and that in itself will provide a freshness into the franchise.

I think this is a great time to bring Miles into the MCU, when we are expecting a reboot, a fresh start, and a Spider-Man that will shake the MCU.

Also that new suite is SWEET!!!


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