What Christians Should Learn from the LGBT Win

With the ruling from the Supreme Court many LGBT people and friends began to celebrate through the weekend due to the historic ruling and win for their community. They took to the street in parades, music, dancing, it was a celebration. For them they were celebrating not only a victory but a liberation. A liberation from a heavy noose.

So I’m going to get right to the point, why is it that in church when we worship, when we celebrate Christ, it looks more like a concert for a band that we aren’t to end to, but we are just making the most of the opportunity.

Why don’t we celebrate more? Why don’t we celebrate like the LGBT community?

We have the Holy Spirit inside of us! We are born again! We follow the risen Savior and King!!! We were DEAD IN OUR SIN but now we are alive!! We should be doing back flips during worship we are so excited!!

God as been convicting me lately in the way I worship. Do I worship in celebration, in joy? And if I am joyous do I really worship in a way that shows it? Is my worship vibrant or do I only stay in the realm of reflection and being mellow?

So what should we learn from the outcome of the decision on Friday? We should learn how to celebrate. These are people who feel liberated and set free, shouldn’t Christians feel that every day? Shouldn’t we praise God daily for our sins being taken away and him restoring us? We were once GOING TO HELL, but now because of Jesus we will be going to heaven! Shouldn’t this give us cause to celebrate more than anyone else?

Stop worshiping as a dead man staying dead, but a man that was dead and now alive.

This is my own personal goal: vibrant worship, worship that embraces all emotion and one that fully gives and glorifies Christ.


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