Piled Up

So this is kinda overwhelming…. I have 22 saved drafts right now…

I need to sit down and focus on pounding some content out.

Though, it isn’t from total neglect. I am working on a novel, one that has been in my head for about five, six years now. I’ve finally decided to pen it and follow a life long dream of mine to publish a novel. I’m very excited about it and very excited to share it, but when the time is right (you really don’t want to see the 1st draft chicken scratch haha).

I’m also thinking of a monthly series so at least you guys can get a glimpse of my writing and style, and I would get some stories out there. But writing one story along with the slue of other (some are more important) priorities, makes a monthly series very unlikely.

So I’ll be updating this blog when I can, because I really enjoy reading and posting, and hopefully I’ll have something to show soon.

Thanks for reading!


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