How to Ruin a Spider-Man Movie

How do you ruin a Spider-Man movie?

Have a 19 year old actor play a 15 year old.

Okay, its not the biggest age gap an actor has played, but I’m just hoping Tom Holland can pull of a convincing 15 year old. It helps that he has a baby face to keep him looking young, hopefully that translates well on the big screen.

Don’t loose that baby face! Or grow facial hair, Spider-Man shouldn’t sporting a Grizzy Adams!

Another bit of worry comes when you think about the inevitable sequels. Tom might be 21/22 years old (if the sequel is that soon) playing a 16 year old, even more of a gap. Or they will just fast forward in time so the character’s age matches more closely to the actor’s age, which would mean less time with young Parker. I would much rather want to see a 15/16 year old fight the Sinister Six instead of a 20 something, I can see that in just about any other movie.

The one thing that sounds like it will redeem the movie is that supposedly they won’t rehash the origin story. If that is true then we don’t have to watch Uncle Ben die again, I think Uncle Ben will be happy about that, there is only so many times one man can die.

I am looking forward to seeing Spider-Man in the MCU and can’t wait for the Spider-Man stand alone movie. But first CIVIL WAR!!!!!


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