The dormitory was on fire! The screams of fellow students that were trying to find their way outside could be heard from the third floor. Nathan, slowly, made his way down the smoke filled hallway, crouching low to the ground trying to avoid breathing in as much smoke as he could. As he was nearly at the end of the hall when he heard a desperate scream from behind. He turned his head to look behind him but saw nothing beside thicker smoke and a glowing orange that seemed to be getting brighter. He knew the fire was racing towards him. He was about to continue down the hall when he heard the high pitch scream again. He recognized the vocal tone, it had to be Kamala Strange. She must be trapped in her dorm room! Nathan frantically thought. At the realization that Kamala was in trouble, Nathan jumped to his feet, not caring about the smoke, and started to race towards the door. Suddenly flames appeared before him; Nathan didn’t care about it though, he just pushed through the fire like he was fireproof. He came to Kamala’s door and shouted her name while pounding on the door. He tried to turn the handle, but it was too hot to even grip. He tried for the handle again but couldn’t get through the heat. He tried the other hand, but with the same result. He realized that the handle just wasn’t going to work, he had to bring the door itself down. He backed up a few feet, to give himself enough room to build up momentum. He took a deep breath, pride swelling up in his puffed out chest. I’m going to look so manly doing this, Kamala is just going to go crazy seeing this, was Nathan’s thought; he allowed a smirk to come across his face as he gave one final breath. Then focusing all his energy forward he bursted in motion, running at full speed. With the door only a foot in front of him, Nathan pushed down as hard as he could and took a mighty leap towards the door and…..


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