Joker Movie Reaction and who controls your passion?

So I finally saw Joker over the weekend. Probably one of the last people on Earth to do so, but I’m glad I waited. I didn’t feel like there was an urgency to see this movie, and since I waited I learned what I was walking into. This movie is CRAZY and dark… disturbingly dark. Not only because of the violence but the reasoning behind the violence. It was excellently executed and well acted all around, specifically from Joaquin Phoenix. But it is a dark movie.

Two notes before reading the rest:

SPOILERS! If you don’t care or if you have already seen it please continue reading.

Depending on your take of the movie, the analysis might be off. I subscribe to the notion that is was mostly all true that we saw on screen.

But one thing that I noticed that I haven’t heard said or written about is the fact that the Joker was able to tap into Gotham’s zeitgeist without having to stand for anything. He rose to prominence in the city with only one, ambiguous action.

Many took his actions as standing up to the rich and powerful on behalf of the common person, the poor of the city. When in actuality he murdered the three Wayne Enterprise employees first out of self-defense but then out of sick satisfaction. He truly didn’t have any beliefs or convictions. He stood for absolutely nothing, yet he led a movement because many misconstrued his actions.

This made me think of the internet. We let someone stir us up into a nice lather and while we go rage in the “streets” (the web) while the person who stirred it up doesn’t actually care. Or they do care but they want to weaponize our position, our passion of their own agenda.

So when we are reacting online or in real life, are we asking ourselves why? Why am I so mad? Why do I want to lash out on Social Media? And when I react or when I post, what is the purpose? Is it to satisfy my desire to be right or is it to actually persuade, transform or genuinely add to the civil discourse?

Who is controlling you passion? Who is controlling your actions? Is it you or someone else? Are you exhibiting self-control?

This was on the forefront of my mind coming out of the Joker, while besides just wondering what exactly did I watch.

Have you seen it already or are you going to see? What are your thoughts on the movie. Sound off in the comments below.


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