Men: 5 Steps to Treating Your Lady Right on Valentines Day

Are you scared that Valentines day is coming up and you have no idea how to treat your lady? No fear Joe is here to help you out. Below is a 5 step guarantee to help you have a great Valentines Day.

Step 1) Forget the Flowers

Don’t show up to her door with flowers. That is too cliche and overdone these days. Instead give her what her heart really desires, a Taco Crave Case at Taco Bell. Nothing spells romance like bean burritos and beef paste and staying up real late on the toilet. Can you smell the romance?

Step 2) Don’t Take Her Out for Dinner

The ladies just want a quiet night in. So make her cook as you take a load off on the couch to play Star Wars: Fallen Order or binge watch The Witcher. On Valentines Day, she secretly wants to do all the work while you don’t lift a finger.

Step 3) Never Eat the Food

No matter if you follow step 2 or not, don’t eat anything. Say something like “This food really looks fattening, and I’m trying to watch my weight.” That will send the clear signal that you are body positive and you are really taking care of yourself. Ladies go crazy for a sharp dressed (and fit) man.

Step 4) Watch a Romantic Movie

Nothing sets the mood right like a romantic movie. And you are in luck, the best romantic movie is still in theaters! 1917, a period piece, which your lady will love. She’ll especially be over the moon with all the gore and war violence. 1917 is truly a mood setter for what is to be a memorable lovers’ holiday evening.

Step 5) Take a romantic trip

She will never tell you this. This is the deepest secret she carries. On Valentines day she wants to visit….. the in-laws (your parents). And not for a quick five minute catch-up, no she wants to spend hours…HOURS at your parent’s house. So clear your schedule and plan your day around where she really wants to go.

And that’s it. Five easy steps to having a successful and happy valentines day.


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