Women: 5 Steps to Treating Your Man Right on Valentines Day

Are you scared that Valentines day is coming up and you have no idea how to treat your man? No fear Joe is here to help you out. Below is a 5 step guarantee to help you have a great Valentines Day.

Step 1) Tell him what he wants to hear

On the day of love, what men love to hear from their wives lips is “Honey, I think it’s time for you to… fix that broken garage door. And did I mention the furnace is making a funny sound? Oh and isn’t it time for new gutters? Can you mow the lawn? I think it grew a half inch from the start of winter!”

Music to his ears.

Step 2) Take him somewhere special to eat

No, not Taco Bell or that new steak place. Instead take him to Tropical Smoothie or whio up a nice kale salad. After all, he is still working on that New Year’s Resolution right? Nothing sends the clear message that your marriage is made up of unconditional love like “You would look better thirty pounds lighter, so here..eat a banana.”

Step 3) Go out on the town

Exploring a new city is a great way to have fun and make lifelong memories. So when you are planning out your valentines day, plan a trip to another city. Preferably 2-3 hours away. And then make him drive. Nothing spells out romance to a man like driving for hours. And what a better event to drive to than Disney On Ice. Dreams do come true!

Step 4) Go shooting. I mean..

After the Disney on Ice show, your man will be super excited and nothing gets that excitement out of a man more then shooting…. the breeze while shopping for hours. Go to the nearest mall in whatever city you find yourself in and just mindlessly shop the rest of the day. Don’t go into just five or ten stores, shop them all. Your man will most definitely stay alert and engaged as you dig through the clearance bins and try on the same shoe in 8 different colors. Secretly this is what he has been longing for. Shop till you drop, girl!

Step 5) Pick a romantic playlist

And while you drive the 2-3 hours back home from your Disney on Ice and shopping excursion, keep the romantic mood up with a perfect playlist. A romantic playlist should have an assortment of songs from these various artists: Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, My Chemical Romance, Johann Sebastian Bach, Whale Sounds, Choir of King’s College Cambridge, anything with “Requiem” in the title, and last but not least-put on a few episodes of the podcast from Pastor Joel Osteen. This playlist slaps hard.

And that’s it. Five easy steps to having a successful and happy Valentines day.


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