Official Book Announcement!!

Last week I announced the redesign of my blog along with the new name, basically its the same URL but dropping the wordpress at the end. With the new site redesign, I included a new page dedicated to the book. That was a soft announcement, but I wanted a whole blog post dedicated to it.

So what is the book that I keep alluding to?

In the Presence of the King

The Golden Kingdom is in an uneasy peace following the Third Great War. But in Asaph’s life, there is no peace. He, along with his friends, steal for food and survival, until one day the teenager is summoned to the capital to be named a Royal Carrier, a soldier in the Golden King’s army.  When he takes the commission to the Royal Carriers he is given an important assignment behind enemy lines that will determine the future of the Kingdom and the brewing war. Can Asaph turn from his ways to be what the Golden King needs him to be: a warrior instead of a thief?

That is the name and synopsis. There were so many working titles but this is the one that endured the most to me and speaks to the fantasy world and the themes of the book.

I’ve been working on this project off and on for about three years, maybe even longer. It originally started as a very short story but ballooned more and more as I wrote, as these things often do. But it wasn’t until the last two weeks of December 2018 that I really started to take it seriously. 2019 was filled with many cycles of writing, editing, pushing back fear and doubt, and then start the cycle all over again.

But 2020 is here and we are getting closer to the finished novel. On the book’s official page, I will be keeping readers updated on the progress to the final step: the book release and the book release party.You can view the book page here:


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