Original Map Reveal for In the Presence of the King

Before the big reveal next week I thought it would be cool to show what I started with. Below is the original map that I created for In the Presence of the King. It served me through the whole time as I wrote and edit the book, hence why there is so much crossed out or redrawn. I believe there might have been one map drawn before this, but it was scrapped and redrawn into the below.

Never draw in pen the first time. Always in pencil. That was the mistake that I kept on making. I just liked to draw in pen.

I do have a map of the whole continent but that won’t be released yet, nor will it be in the book. Not sure when or if I’ll ever release it. But I use it as a guide for right now.

But check out the map and come back next week as the version that will be published is revealed next week!


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