A Writer’s Tool: Reedsy

*Not a paid advertisement, just really appreciate the website.

Besides the encouragement from the people around me, the single most important thing that helped me bring my book across the finish line was Reedsy. I can’t speak highly enough of this website. This site helped me in three major ways.

The first was editing. There are several paths to getting your manuscript edited, some paths are cheaper than others and some paths exact a heavy toll on your time. But once I found Reedsy it felt like the best way forward. I could connect with many experienced editors and send out a request to see which editors would be willing to work on the project with me. Money wise this route is one of the more expensive ones, but you get quality editing and feedback which I believe is invaluable. I could have reached out to people through social media and crowd sourced the editing, but I wanted professional opinions and I felt the price was worth it. If you are writing a book and want some professional eyes on it, check out Reedsy.com

The second way Reedsy helped out was getting my map created. Like editing there are several ways to get this completed, but since I was already getting my editing services done, I figured I would get my map illustrated at the same place. Again middle to high price wise but worth it for the quality.

The third way was exporting the book. From what I read formatting a book can be the worst part. But Reedsy made it very easy to export the book in a Print-Ready format that I can upload anywhere to get published. Now I don’t have an author’s print of the book yet so I won’t be able to really see how the formatting works out until then, but so far the process has been smooth.

If you are a writer Reedsy is worth checking out.


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