April Book Round-Up

So I actually didn’t get too much reading done in April which is a huge bummer. The only book I finished was The Batman Who Laughs by Scott Snyder and Jock. So since I only did read one book I’m going to take a deeper dive into reviewing it then my usually paragraph length reaction.

The artwork for this book was fantastic! A great comic should look like a piece of art and this did. Now it was not art that I want hanging on the wall because I don’t think my wife would appreciate pictures of Joker and Crazy Batman everywhere. But the art was still great and matched the themes and emotions of the book.

The plot was intriguing and kept my attention. My only complaint would be it seemed like Batman kept making all the wrong decisions, some that would go against his character. I guess if he didn’t there wouldn’t be much tension, but we are dealing with the world’s greatest detective. I think there is really one key decision that comes in the mid-point of the book that I wasn’t on board for.

But again the premise really got me excited and held my attention. I’m actually looking for more books that have the main villain in it because he intrigued me so much. Which a sign of a good book is that you want more of it, which I do.

What books did you read in April? Sound off in the comments below.


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