How to Get Inspired to Write

Inspiration can come and go during the writing process. It is as finicky as getting a baby to sleep. But there are a few ways that I’ve learned that can get the inspiration machine running. Here are my top three ways to get inspired to write.


One thing that helps focuses my brain on the world I’m trying to write is music. You have to find songs that fit your genre and characters. Some songs will only be used to help set the atmosphere of your book while others will help you connect to the emotion of your characters. I find instrumental tracks the best but songs with lyrics can help especially for the character work. Music helps get the emotions goings or just be a rallying point to get you pumped to write.


Nature. Is. Beautiful.

Seeing and contemplating the works of God just opens up my inspiration and imagination. I can’t really explain it. I get outside and I get to running, walking, or hiking and my mind just comes alive. I think it probably correlates to the last point. But nothing beats going outside and exploring the world that God created for us.

Take a Break

Probably the most important step is to walk away. This step already assumes you have been writing for any given length of time. But no matter how long you have been writing you Work In Progress, be it a single chapter, half the book, or the whole book it is always a good idea to step away. Let the story breathe in your brain and soul. Writing takes all of you from a certain point in time. We all grow and change and so will a Work In Progress change with you. Taking a break allows you to come up out of the weeds and lets you come back with a new perspective and a fresh set of eyes. If you are working on a story right now, DON’T GIVE UP! You can complete that sucker!

Writing and publishing take time. I’m realizing the road is long and full of many choices. Some you get right and some you get wrong. But at the end of the day, you have written you, soul, on a page, and that counts for something. So don’t get bogged down with all the weight and fear. Live inspried!


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