May Book Round Up

Not Afraid of the Antichrist by Michael L. Brown & Craig S. Keener

This book is about a theological point found in the Bible, which is at what point is Jesus’s Second Coming, is it before or after the tribulation. The book’s perspective is that the Bible is clearly has a Post Tribulation stance for when Jesus comes back to rapture his church and to cut down his enemies on the Earth. To be clear, the authors do point out that whatever your stance is, it does not determine your salvation or standing with God. I grew up on the opposite spectrum, Pre-Tribulation, but in recent years I’ve found myself holding loosely to this view. This book was really informative and persuasive. I think I moved more towards post-trib now but I feel like I can understand why people would pick either side. This is an easy recommendation for me no matter what your position on the question is, I think anyone could get something out of this book.

The Data Loom by Stephen Few

Let’s be clear, this book was related to what I do for my day time job. It’s all related to data and how to best report off of it. It was pretty dry but very informational. I will keep this book at my desk to reference it for projects that come my way. My only other con, besides the dryness, is that I didn’t appreciate the shade thrown at people who believe in intelligent design (in terms of evolution/ beginning of the universe). I respect peoples opinions, but this is a book about data, why take a cheap shot at an unrelated subject. Overall if you work in data check out this book if you don’t stay away from it.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Probably the BEST book I’ve read so far this year, if not then it is in the top 3. What these siblings go through is completely insane and heartbreaking. The book is autobiographical about Jeannette Wall’s life, how she was raised by her charming but dysfunctional parents, focusing more on her relationship with her dad. This is a strong recommendation from me. CHECK OUT THIS BOOK.

The Master Plan of Evangelism by Dr. Robert E. Coleman

It is probably the quintessential or at least the most well known, book on Christian Evangelism/ Discipleship, but this was my first time reading it and WOW there is a lot here. It’s simple and straightforward but no less profound. I have to say I’ve heard a lot of it before since this book has inspired other teachings in Christian culture, but it was good to go back and read where a lot of people got their source from. Another strong recommendation from me.

101 Famous Poems compiled by Roy J. Cook

I’m trying to get into poetry. But this was it. I know there is a big divide in how modern poetry is written compared to how it was written, and this book pulls from the classic style. Also, I don’t know famous poets or why they are famous so this book was completely lost on me in why these 101 poems are famous and should be well regarded. Probably not the book’s fault, I’m just not its target audience. I can’t really recommend it since I didn’t enjoy it, but if you are into Poetry maybe look it up on Amazon and see if it is of any interest.


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