The Best Thing About Being an Unpublished Writer

Last week I wrote out the hardest parts about being an unpublished writer. This week we are focusing on the positive. To be honest writing the negative parts were easier than the positive. Not because it wasn’t hard to identify but that I focus and dwell way too much on the negative. It just poured out of me while writing what was positive felt distant and cliche. But I was able to overcome my biases and my bad headspace to write these three points.

New to the Scene

I am unpublished and nobody knows me. There are either low to no expectations. I have nothing to really prove except for making a good impression. So this is the perfect time to make mistakes, to take risks. So being new to the scene and having a small audience is not a con like some might see it but it gives me a chance to strengthen my writing muscles while putting stuff out there and getting feedback. Being new to the scene and having a small audience is a good start.

Full of Potential

The future is limitless. In the future everything is open to me. There are countless other books in the future. The future is full of plans that are in the works. No reviews have been written or impressions set. I am not typecast into a certain genre, which I aim to switch up often. That probably goes against some marketing or branding rules, but I don’t care. My creativity isn’t a brand, it is me. My creativity is who I am and that is why I have to write. So right now, at this moment, the future is full of potential.

Can do no wrong (because you are doing it all wrong)

Not saying I am perfect, but just implying that since I have no idea what I’m doing technically I’m not doing anything wrong haha. Everything is new and I am absorbing it all. I am going to make mistakes, I’m going to break some rules, and that is okay. It is all part of the learning curve. And as long as In the Presence of the King is released, I can be proud.


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