I Hit My Reading Goal!!!

So I hit my reading goal of reading 22 books this year that I had on Goodreads. And it is only July! So I definitely set my goal too low, lower then what I should have, even though I thought it was going to be a stretch for me. I still have a ton of books left to read that is on my unread bookshelf so I am far from done reading. I had the 22 books I was going to read this year set aside by the end of 2019. But somethings came up so my reading list go shuffled around. So the books that I have left over are the ones I set aside but got shuffled out of the first twenty-two books.

Most Fun Read – A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz

This is by far the funnest book I read all year up to this point. The hi-jinx that Tony gets into as he journeys to find the history (the non-mainstream version that isn’t really told in schools) of how America was “founded” was fun to read. His openness to the adventure is what really drives the book as he ventures to try an put himself in the shoes of Europeans as they discover the Americas.

Biggest Surprise Dud – 101 Famous Poems by Roy J. Cook

I’m not the biggest poetry fan, I haven’t read a lot to be well versed in the genre. But I thought I was going to enjoy this more than I actually did. I think the issue was modern poetry versus traditional poetry. I knew this book was going to be full of traditional poetry but probably since I don’t have a wealth of knowledge of the genre that caused me to not be able to appreciate these poems. Because they didn’t seem famous or important. But that is coming from a newbie.

The One that Took the Longest – Genesis: A Commentary by Bruce K. Waltke

This was a beast to get through. Dense with information, I took my time with the material. A great and informative book, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to take a deeper dive into the book of Genesis. Though if you read it, carve out some time, you are going to need it.

The One that Took the Shortest: Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica Locke

I was unable to put this down! I finished it in about three or four settings; probably taking me about the same time as two days. It was so good. The mystery kept me longing to get to the resolve. Everything about Attica’s writing is on point, from the descriptions of setting and characters, character development, and plot. Attica is truly a great author, can’t wait to read more of her books. This book is fire from beginning to end and I can’t recommend it enough.


2 thoughts on “I Hit My Reading Goal!!!

  1. WoW!! I cannot get over the books you have read and in your second or third language!! I so admire you for reading interesting and tough books too. I need to read more in French since it was laziness that stopped me and yet we have too much time on our hands anyway these days…Bravo, mi amigo…wow!!!

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    1. I wish they were in a second or third language but unfortunately, it was in my primary language. But that is a good challenge for next year! Thank you for the idea 🙂


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