The Book that Inspired In the Presence of the King

It has been a long time since I’ve read A Tale of Three King’s by Gene Edwards. I haven’t read it since all those years ago, even during or after writing In the Presence of the King to return to a sense of why it inspired me. But my book was initially thought of after reading A Tale of Three King’s. It was a book, either a novella or a short novel with a very narrow focus. After reading it and contemplating it’s length and scope I thought I can write a book that size. The Kings being a main force in the book also played apart in shaping the world I created.

Again I was after something short and sweet, like a short story not a novel that is around 88,000 words! Even though that is short of a fantasy novel it was felt so much longer when writing it. You really pour over every word, contemplate every sentence, role play the dialogue. Writing isn’t just putting words on paper but being totally engrossed with the world and characters you are creating. You have to be them to talk like them. You have to get in their head to figure out how they are going to act. And that takes time, more time than I realized.

But without A Tale of Three King’s I would have never found any of this out. I wouldn’t have written my first book and officially become a published author!


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