In the Presence of the King: The Golden King

Potential spoilers ahead if you haven’t read ‘In the Presence of the King’

The Golden King is the main character while being a background character. He is the book, he is the story, while not being in the book that much. And that type of character is hard to write because you have to write them perfectly due to the amount of weight that rests on the character versus how many pages he takes up.

The Golden King is also a deity in this world, so writing God is also intense and nerve-wracking. It is intense because everyone has a picture of God, I have a picture of God. So if you write him too friendly could come across as weak and off-putting. But if you write the Golden King too harsh you are writing a terrible picture of God.

But I also wanted to leave an air of mystery and grandiose to him so only having in a few scenes helped.

This is the Golden King, what other characters do you want to read about? Who is your favorite character so far?


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