October Book Round Up

In October I completed reading only one book, hey that is one more than last month! Improvement is always good ha! In the words of John Mark McMillan in his song Juggernaut: “Life is heavy but it just won’t stop”

This month I read Riley’s Excellent and Not-At-All Fake Exorcism Service by Sophie Queen, fitting for the Halloween season. I usually don’t read or watch anything horror but I am a fan of comedy. The name of this book was so catchy that I had to check it out. The main character, Riley, is engaging and funny and she is supported by a great cast of characters. The book is a smooth read and you will find yourself not putting it down. Sophie really captured that classic comedy horror voice in the book. Sophie’s debut novel gave me a sense of A. Lee Marteniz (Comedy Fantasy Author) mixed with the movie Ready or Not. If you are a fan of horror I would recommend you check this book out.

What books are you reading for November? And with Christmas coming up what books are on your Christmas list?


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