In the Presence of the King: Unused Story Lines

Possible Spoilers Ahead

Not too many scenes were cut from the manuscript. Only one scene wasn’t used.

That scene was Asaph heading toward the west for his mission and being stopped in a very small village that needed help. The scene shows how much hope Royal Carriers give people and shows another side of what being a warrior for the King is like. So Asaph stumbles through this village and a mom comes crying out of her hut yelling after him. Her child had went missing and sun wolves were about, and they might have dragged him off. Originally it was going to be a cat or dog hahaha

So Asaph was going to fight a sun wolf, and I was all for it. But also it slowed down the book. I was wanting to get right to the mission so I decided to cut it. But we might see a similar scene unfold in the future, only time will tell.


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