The Office: My Rating of Every Episode

Before The Office left Netflix, I did a final binge of the series. Above is what I found out as I rated every episode from 1 to 10, below is my scale.

VomitTerribleBadOkay/MuhEnjoyableGoodReally GoodGreatAmazingExcellentThe Best Episode

One thing that stood out to me was the consistency. I thought there was going to be a clear “Golden Area” of the show. But the median stayed a 7 or 8 for every season except the first one when the median rating was a 6. Even though there were more lower ratings in the last two seasons it still gave some good to really good episodes and even some great ones. Season 9 really suffered from the dumb Pam and Boom guy storyline, if that didn’t occur, I think the ratings for Season 9 would have been slightly higher.

Another surprise was the number of 10 ratings that occurred in Season 7, mostly around Michael’s exit off the show. Season 5 was also busted by the back to back storyline of Andy, Dwight, Angela love triangle and the Stress Relief two-parter.

Overall, I think Season 3 and 4 are my favorite but you can not go wrong with any season of the show. Yes, Season 1,8,9 are clearly the weakest but they aren’t without merit.

So enjoy binging this excellent series on Peacock!

Also, up next by request: The West Wing


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