Wicked Dogs!!

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Wicked Witch." Since I don't feel like talking about evil today I will totally ignore this post and post a few pictures of dogs dressed up as the wicked witch/Halloween costume. All pictures came from a simple Google search, I have no legal ownership of them. This one... Continue Reading →


How to Sound Smart in 1 Easy Step

Restate something in such a way that it sounds like a game changer. Example: Cow jumped over the moon. --> The moon moved under the cow. GAME CHANGED. I really think that's what a lot of experts do now, just restate what has already been said. #My2cents Your welcome, Happy Tuesday everybody!

Piled Up

So this is kinda overwhelming.... I have 22 saved drafts right now... I need to sit down and focus on pounding some content out. Though, it isn't from total neglect. I am working on a novel, one that has been in my head for about five, six years now. I've finally decided to pen it and follow... Continue Reading →

Don’t Do This!!

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Well, I Never…." Never do the following: Never do the worm, if you don't know how to do the worm. It will look like you are doing something far far different. (4th Grade) Never take curves fast when raining (Junior or Senior Year of College) Never go... Continue Reading →

Read the Bible in 2 DAYS!!!

PersonalCreations.com, who posted this info-graphic (which is also below) about how long it would take the average reader to read a given book. According to the info-graphic the Bible takes 43.79 hours to read. This is if you read at a speed of 300 words per minute (hopefully those are all small words or I'm really slow).... Continue Reading →

What Animal Are You?

What Animal am I? That's a question I ask myself everyday, okay not really but its still a very important question...right? Anyways if you have been wondering the same thing have no fear Google has got the answer. To celebrate Earth Day they published a little quiz that finally puts the question to rest. It... Continue Reading →

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