Wicked Dogs!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

Since I don’t feel like talking about evil today I will totally ignore this post and post a few pictures of dogs dressed up as the wicked witch/Halloween costume. All pictures came from a simple Google search, I have no legal ownership of them.

This one just for fun:

Where did that cat come from??? Have to take that one out, this post is about dogs!…..but it so cuuutttteeeeeeeeeee.


How to Sound Smart in 1 Easy Step

Restate something in such a way that it sounds like a game changer.


Cow jumped over the moon. –> The moon moved under the cow.


I really think that’s what a lot of experts do now, just restate what has already been said. #My2cents

Your welcome, Happy Tuesday everybody!

Piled Up

So this is kinda overwhelming…. I have 22 saved drafts right now…

I need to sit down and focus on pounding some content out.

Though, it isn’t from total neglect. I am working on a novel, one that has been in my head for about five, six years now. I’ve finally decided to pen it and follow a life long dream of mine to publish a novel. I’m very excited about it and very excited to share it, but when the time is right (you really don’t want to see the 1st draft chicken scratch haha).

I’m also thinking of a monthly series so at least you guys can get a glimpse of my writing and style, and I would get some stories out there. But writing one story along with the slue of other (some are more important) priorities, makes a monthly series very unlikely.

So I’ll be updating this blog when I can, because I really enjoy reading and posting, and hopefully I’ll have something to show soon.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t Do This!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….”

Never do the following:

  • Never do the worm, if you don’t know how to do the worm. It will look like you are doing something far far different. (4th Grade)
  • Never take curves fast when raining (Junior or Senior Year of College)
  • Never go to the far sides of the internet, there is nothing out there worth it
  • Never itch poison ivy, it will drive you to keep itching and keep itching. (Currently battling)
  • Never attempt the splits or any high jump when renting a tux, it will rip at the exact moment people start watching
  • Never jump from an amp with a lead pencil on the ground, it will jam in your foot; if that does happen DON’T stop playing, remove at end of song.

That is just my quick and personal list of things not to do.


How Would Jesus Respond to Caityln Jenner

In the wake of the reveal of Caityln Jenner, I found myself asking how would Jesus react? And as a Christian should I have some type of reaction (or no reaction at all) to this?

It always gets dangerous when we Christians make declarations about what Jesus would do or what he would say. In reality Jesus did a lot of things and said a lot of things that would surprise us and even make us think that he is a jerk. Take Matthew 12 when a person is just telling Jesus “Yo, your mom and bros are here, and they want to speak to you” (I am paraphrasing here). To this Jesus responds “Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?”

Come on Jesus, the man was just saying your mother and brothers were here.

Jesus loved God, obeyed his will and spoke his truth even when it cost him his life. I know Jesus would speak truth and love in this scenario, but what is the truth in this scenario?

Let me offer this: We want to know our identity. We want to know who we really are. Some people find identity in sports, in the arts, in their jobs. We can find our identity in our spouse or our kids. Others tragically find their identity in more harmful vices like drugs, porn, and gambling. Some of these things might be innocent enough but none of them give us the full breadth of our true identity.

Our true identity is this: “But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12 ESV). If we believe in Jesus Christ we are a new creation and a child of God. Our identity is wrapped up in God, not ourselves. No matter who or what we think we are, God’s opinion is what matters. This was, and continues to be, thee source of strength in battling depression and low self-esteem, definitely through my college years.

So what do I think about how Jesus would respond to Caityln Jenner? First thing is I see Jesus only speaking about people that were with him, not far off (excluding some healings). Second he would do what he always does: 1) forgive sin/confront sin 2) remove guilt and shame 3) restore.

What would he say? I don’t know but I know he would be led by the Holy Spirit and turn her to God. Jesus’ ministry was redemptive, even though it did involve speaking against sin and wickedness.

So how should Christians respond? Let’s not mock her and trash talk her online (and offline). Pray for her, yes do that (out of care), but don’t drag her name through the mud. Don’t villainous her. This can be an opportunity interject Jesus into a cultural discussion.

The point is to bring people closer to Jesus, not closer to “doing the right thing.”

Read the Bible in 2 DAYS!!!

PersonalCreations.com, who posted this info-graphic (which is also below) about how long it would take the average reader to read a given book. According to the info-graphic the Bible takes 43.79 hours to read. This is if you read at a speed of 300 words per minute (hopefully those are all small words or I’m really slow).

Since there are 24 hours in a day, that means you can read the Bible in two days with about fours hours to spare. OR you can read it in 2 months, reading an hour a day. This makes those Read-the-Bible-in-a-Year plan look like a walk in the park.

Please include attribution to PersonalCreations.com with this graphic.

How Long Does it Take to Read

10 Reasons Your Homework Wasn’t Done @ Christian School/College

1) I was slain in the spirit all night…
2) God didn’t reveal the answer to me…
3) The spirit did a Philip thing were he transported me to another country but didn’t transport my homework with me….
4) I had to fight some demons in the next apartment over….
5) Jesus said follow me, and I don’t see Jesus doing homework….
6) My roomate kept speaking in tongues all night which distracted me…
7) A revival broke out in my one person bedroom so I couldn’t get to the assignment…
8) We were busy destroying images of Baal…
9) I was too sore from worshiping so hard…
10) The worship drummer ate my homework…

What Animal Are You?

What Animal am I? That’s a question I ask myself everyday, okay not really but its still a very important question…right?

Anyways if you have been wondering the same thing have no fear Google has got the answer. To celebrate Earth Day they published a little quiz that finally puts the question to rest. It takes less then a minute (unless you are a text book over thinker) and really fun.

I got a Giant Squid obviously because of my giant tentacles and cone shaped head.


If you try it out, comment back on what Animal You are 🙂