Wicked Dogs!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

Since I don’t feel like talking about evil today I will totally ignore this post and post a few pictures of dogs dressed up as the wicked witch/Halloween costume. All pictures came from a simple Google search, I have no legal ownership of them.

This one just for fun:

Where did that cat come from??? Have to take that one out, this post is about dogs!…..but it so cuuutttteeeeeeeeeee.


Dad’s Vinyls

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Papa Loves Mambo.”


I have always been the black sheep of my family in the music department. While I grew up listening and liking country my heart grew to love rock and metal. I loved the heavy riffs, the soaring guitar solos, the brutal breakdowns; I love rock! Even though rock and metal are my go to jams, I also listen to worship, classical, pop, folk, rap, and what ever else comes up. I love music in all it’s styles and forms.

While I don’t listen to the same music as my family, my dad has been my biggest musical influence. He did listen to classic rock, which introduced me to genre. We would often listen to it in the car; usually when it was him and I, and we would just drive. It was a great and fun time with my dad.

To go with it, my dad owned a record player (before the hipsters made it mainstream), and my favorite vinyls that he owned were John Croce’s Don’t Mess Around with JimLife and Times, and I Got a Name and the soundtrack Eddie and the Curisers (but when I was growing up, I never knew it was a soundtrack….even though it said Soundtrack on the record).

See it says Soundtrack *facepalm*

So while these records weren’t heavy rock these records really gave me a taste for the rock genre and all it could offer.

So thanks dad!

Rock On!

Guns, Individual Rights, and the Questions We Should Really Be Asking

The shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon brought the 2015 mass shooting total to 294, and at the time that I’m writing this post Shooting Tracker has the total mass shootings at 296. 296 mass shooting this year alone! This includes colleges, schools, theaters, pretty much anywhere. Looking at the raw data, there have been 379 deaths from these shootings, 1094 injuries. An interesting metric of these shootings is that out of 296 total incidents, 192 shootings have resulted in deaths.

These statistics will only grow in the last three months of the year, and more families will be torn with grief and mourning.

Faced with the data, I began to wonder why my position on the Second Amendment is what it is. Why should we have guns? Is there ever a good reason to own a gun? And as I began to ponder these questions (and more) I reassured my stance, that yes Americans should still own guns.

In the rush of emotions that follow these shootings, its easy to blame guns and say they are evil, and no one should use them. But we forget why the Second Amendment is important and why our forefathers added it.

Early Colonials saw the right to bear arms as important for a number of reasons (source found here):

  • enabling the people to organize a militia system.
  • participating in law enforcement;
  • deterring tyrannical government;
  • repelling invasion;
  • suppressing insurrection,
  • facilitating a natural right of self-defense.

This list of six can still be applied today in some form or another, though I think the last entry in the list is the most important today.

There has always been murder in the world; it dates back to the second generation of the human race (Cain & Able). With or without guns, people will kill others; that is a sad sad fact. I think the question we should be asking, instead of debating gun rights, is why are Americans killing each other so much? Why in 2015, are individual people wanting to unleash so much hate on others? Why are people wanting to kill and hate so much? Pondering these questions doesn’t lead me to gun control (we have had guns since the beginning of the country, so that hasn’t really changed), but it does lead me to ponder more on culture; and how we, as Americans and humans, are handling internal and external pressure and feelings. Are the killings a reflection of the hate that is so prevalent in our culture? And is our hate-filled culture a reflection of the individual or some crowd mentality?

I don’t think we as a society want to answer those questions, its just easier to slap some gun control on and feel like we are making a difference. We don’t like thinking about these questions because once we start talking about why we killing each other, we will be forced to look at the ugliness that hides behind the glittery surface of America. We will be forced to face our struggles, our addictions, our sin. We would rather be entertained, and looking out our phones for hours on end.

In a song that I’ve been listening to lately, the rapper says “How could I miss it?” In response to racism in this country. I believe many people are asking these hard questions, but also many others are not.

This country is great, and I love being an American; but this country is also sick. It is in need of a doctor, a healer of both mind, body and soul. We are in desperate need of an awakening. We need Jesus. Only he can give us hope, refresh our minds, give us an anchor to hold on too. Only he can comfort the hurt in our hearts. Only he can restore us. Only he can forgive us and truly shape a future that isn’t plagued by the past.

We don’t need politicians and debates and discussions. We don’t need more gun restrictions, or medications. We don’t need more social media awareness. We don’t need “love” for love’s sake. We don’t need individual truths, we need one universal, powerful truth.

We need Jesus.

We. Need. Jesus

Life to Scale

I was reading Star Wars: Aftermath when my mind began to wonder off the page and started to think about what is going on in the universe at that very moment. Not like a fantasy imagination, but I thought about scenes that no one is seeing. Asteroids flowing through space, colliding with one another. A sun rise on a plant unknown. A sun going cold, or exploding. Solar Systems that we do not know of. Vast gaps where there is nothing but space.

It was cool to see the Super-moon lunar eclipse, and even then I was thinking about space and how massive its is. And even though it is massive, here is this cool little event happening, which is cool to us but not important to the universe.

Thinking about what could be going on in this huge universe made me ponder (once again) on how statistically insignificant we are. The unknown universe is about 13.8 billion light years; that is roughly 81,124,680,000,000,000,000,000 miles!!!! We fill a planet that is 7,195 miles in diameter. That means our existence takes up 0.0000000000000000008869% of the universe. We aren’t even a thousandth of a percent!

We do not matter to the universe. If we exploded the universe wouldn’t bat an eye.

But the ironic this is we do matter. We are massively important. We are important because God values us. He created us, and he loves us. Even if we seek war instead of love, even if we hate our brothers and sisters. God loves us and as revealed himself to us through Jesus Christ so we can know him.

This will never stop amazing me, the fact how we are so small but yet hold so much value.

But in reflection that is God’s MO, to take some one or something that seems small and insignificant and use it for his glory, to show who powerful and how loving he is.

What a great God we have!

Star Wars: Aftermath

The main narrative of Star Wars: Aftermath by Chuck Wendig was thrilling and exciting. Before the announcement of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, I had never read any of the Expanded Universe books; but a story of a broken Empire and a budding New Republic was very interesting to me. I was so excited for this book (and the overall trilogy of books, for which this is the first). The book didn’t let me down, but it didn’t perform how I thought either.

Like I said before the main narrative was thrilling. It grouped 5 people/aliens/droids together to form an unlikely team against a secret meeting held by top ranking officers in the Empire, who are trying to figure out how to move forward in the wake of the death of the Emperor. The group of 5 where all likable and had you rooting for them; even though some of their actions made you very frustrated (I’m looking at you Temmin). Even if someone’s actions made your shake your head you could understand their reasoning behind it.

There are SO MANY characters in this book, especially when you take into account the interludes, which I will touch on below.  This is both fantastic and horrible. Since I want to keep the review brief I won’t go into everyone that is mentioned, but in the Main Narrative Wendig does an amazing job balancing the characters and who to showcase when. He also includes some fan favorites and handles them very nicely.

My favorite part of the books were the strategy. Both sides trying to figure out how to move forward in the wake of the Rebel victory. I loved how they were trying to plan their moves and make their strategies, both sides thinking how the other will react.

My only complaint with the book are those Interludes between the main narrative. The interlude isn’t one narrative, but many, covering many locations and characters, many of whom we only see once. It was good having the more interesting and fan pleasing interludes towards the end, but it got tiring having a break from the main narrative so many times. If the narratives were kept in a block then it would have kept the pace of the main narrative much better.

Overall, though, the book was a great read, and only increased my thirst for new Star Wars stuff. If your a Star Wars fan this book is a must read.

If I was 6 again…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

If I could be 6 again and had 24 hours to do anything I would totally eat anything I want, and play out side the whole time. I couldn’t drive, or more accurately, it would be illegal for me to drive. So really all I could do was release responsibility and do what children do; eat and play. I would play with my sister, probably kick the soccer ball around. Play with our old dog, Magic.

I would be care-free and just do whatever came up. I have no schedule, no responsibilities. No where to be, no one depending on me, no job to go to.

I could take a nap, but I could do that now. I could watch old tv shows, but thanks to Youtube I could do that now too. The one thing I can’t do is replace the time with family, when we are all young(er).

I also picture it being autumn time. The fall is so much better, its a little bit cooler, the leavers are coming off. I can totally play in a big pile of leaves!!!!

And I could eat whatever I wanted. I’m six, I’ll burn it all off the next day. Weight sticks less when your younger, not like it does even in your twenties (why do I feel so old). I could even walk down to the ol’ penny candy store and buy a bunch of candy. I would talk to the sweet old lady who owned the place, and say thank you.

But yeah, if I had a day when I was 6 again I would only do two things, Eat and Play.

The Thunderbirds Book One Intro

The dormitory was on fire! The screams of fellow students that were trying to find their way outside could be heard from the third floor. Nathan, slowly, made his way down the smoke filled hallway, crouching low to the ground trying to avoid breathing in as much smoke as he could. As he was nearly at the end of the hall when he heard a desperate scream from behind. He turned his head to look behind him but saw nothing beside thicker smoke and a glowing orange that seemed to be getting brighter. He knew the fire was racing towards him. He was about to continue down the hall when he heard the high pitch scream again. He recognized the vocal tone, it had to be Kamala Strange. She must be trapped in her dorm room! Nathan frantically thought. At the realization that Kamala was in trouble, Nathan jumped to his feet, not caring about the smoke, and started to race towards the door. Suddenly flames appeared before him; Nathan didn’t care about it though, he just pushed through the fire like he was fireproof. He came to Kamala’s door and shouted her name while pounding on the door. He tried to turn the handle, but it was too hot to even grip. He tried for the handle again but couldn’t get through the heat. He tried the other hand, but with the same result. He realized that the handle just wasn’t going to work, he had to bring the door itself down. He backed up a few feet, to give himself enough room to build up momentum. He took a deep breath, pride swelling up in his puffed out chest. I’m going to look so manly doing this, Kamala is just going to go crazy seeing this, was Nathan’s thought; he allowed a smirk to come across his face as he gave one final breath. Then focusing all his energy forward he bursted in motion, running at full speed. With the door only a foot in front of him, Nathan pushed down as hard as he could and took a mighty leap towards the door and…..

Soulmate vs Chosen

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

I think the idea of a soulmate is very romantic but also very idealistic. Soulmate is a plot point for dramas and teenage TV shows. It makes me think of Dawson’s Creek when Joey tells Dawson “You’ll always be my Soulmate…” but I’m totally not going to date you right now, more like save you for later in case this other thing works out. I always thought Joey was leading both of them on and never really being true with either of them.

End of Dawson’s Creek Series End Rant. Side note: this is the only part of Dawson’s Creek I remember, everything else from that show is a totally blur.

Back to regular scheduled blog….

When I think of a soulmate, I think it is the end all be all person. The person that is just right for you; the person that your heart has been longing to be with, and you are not complete without. The person to whom your soul needs to be complete.

Taking that definition, I think the idea of a soulmate being applied to an earthly person misses the mark. It is a very romantic notion, but the idea of one person completing YOUR VERY SOUL is a very high mark. Its a lofty task with a lot of expectations and assumptions. So much so that no one can truly fit that mold; mostly because everyone fails at some point. No one is perfect, and we as human beings have a hard enough time managing our own lives let-alone being a significant other to some one else. The only being our soul really longs for, and the only being who can successfully take that mantle is Jesus.

Only he can completely satisfy and complete our very soul. When we die and go to heaven we won’t be trying to find a date or figure out a relationship, we will be the bride of Christ. We will be his! We will only be focusing on him. In Jesus our soul will find rest and completeness. Jesus is the end all be all.

That isn’t to say an earthy relationship is important or impactful to the heart. I love my wife. I LOVE my wife. I am so happy with her, and I can’t picture my life without her or with anyone else. She is amazing and I love her very much, and with her my life is better. She is my bride, for whom I will love for the rest of my life, and for whom I have chosen to be my only romantic love the rest of my life.

She is my Chosen, only her and no one else. So while no one on this earth can fulfill the mantle of a Soulmate, one person can take the mantle of being our life long chosen companion. And in that area I know I’ve found the best one, but I’m completely biased 🙂 🙂 🙂

My New(ish) Friday Jams (9/25/2015)

There are a few jams for this fine Friday (the goal is newer albums or singles), but really only one stands superior to all:

Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable


Okays, so this album dropped last weekend; but I’m still cranking it in my Batman earbuds. It has a mix of catchy hooks and bars that are fire and convicting. It boasts his most personal tracks yet, and the emotion translates very well across the flow of the album. Definitaly one of the best albums of the year so far.

Tracks to rock to: “Uncomfortable”, “Now I Know”, “Hear My Heart”, “Vendetta”, “Love”

Marty- Marty for President

Marty for President

So Marty from Social Club, released a solo 6 track EP. Like Marty, its fun, relevant, and reflective. It feels like a different style (more laid back, slower, groove oriented tracks) then Social Club but its still as good.

Tracks to rock out to:  “The One Where She Stayed,”, “The One with My Friends”

Ryan Adams- 1989


Found this little gem while perusing Spotify. This CD makes Taylor Swift songs easier to listen to. I don’t know if I actually like this or just think its funny. He isn’t making fun of Taylor, but yet his voice makes it fun. It brings more of a rock/blues/folk feel to the pop heavy songs, so more my style; some songs do remind me of Gaslight Anthem, which has a style of love! Overall a fun album for all, Swift lovers and haters.

Tracks to rock out to: “Style”, “All You Had to Do Was Stay”, “I Know Places”

What are you listening to today? Have you listened to any of these albums? Let me know in the comments below!

How to Ruin a Spider-Man Movie

How do you ruin a Spider-Man movie?

Have a 19 year old actor play a 15 year old.

Okay, its not the biggest age gap an actor has played, but I’m just hoping Tom Holland can pull of a convincing 15 year old. It helps that he has a baby face to keep him looking young, hopefully that translates well on the big screen.

Don’t loose that baby face! Or grow facial hair, Spider-Man shouldn’t sporting a Grizzy Adams!

Another bit of worry comes when you think about the inevitable sequels. Tom might be 21/22 years old (if the sequel is that soon) playing a 16 year old, even more of a gap. Or they will just fast forward in time so the character’s age matches more closely to the actor’s age, which would mean less time with young Parker. I would much rather want to see a 15/16 year old fight the Sinister Six instead of a 20 something, I can see that in just about any other movie.

The one thing that sounds like it will redeem the movie is that supposedly they won’t rehash the origin story. If that is true then we don’t have to watch Uncle Ben die again, I think Uncle Ben will be happy about that, there is only so many times one man can die.

I am looking forward to seeing Spider-Man in the MCU and can’t wait for the Spider-Man stand alone movie. But first CIVIL WAR!!!!!