Guns, Individual Rights, and the Questions We Should Really Be Asking

The shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon brought the 2015 mass shooting total to 294, and at the time that I'm writing this post Shooting Tracker has the total mass shootings at 296. 296 mass shooting this year alone! This includes colleges, schools, theaters, pretty much anywhere. Looking at the raw data, there have been... Continue Reading →


What Makes Us Human

What is the one attribute that makes humanity unique? Is there such a thing? Are we even special, and if so why?

Happiest Day

Today I read a blog about the blogger’s happiest day, or more like happiest moments. And I would have to agree with her but with a few exceptions. The happiest (full) days were definitely when I proposed and then wed my amazing and beautiful wife. The whole day for each of them were fun and joyful and just... Continue Reading →

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