Dad’s Vinyls

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Papa Loves Mambo.”


I have always been the black sheep of my family in the music department. While I grew up listening and liking country my heart grew to love rock and metal. I loved the heavy riffs, the soaring guitar solos, the brutal breakdowns; I love rock! Even though rock and metal are my go to jams, I also listen to worship, classical, pop, folk, rap, and what ever else comes up. I love music in all it’s styles and forms.

While I don’t listen to the same music as my family, my dad has been my biggest musical influence. He did listen to classic rock, which introduced me to genre. We would often listen to it in the car; usually when it was him and I, and we would just drive. It was a great and fun time with my dad.

To go with it, my dad owned a record player (before the hipsters made it mainstream), and my favorite vinyls that he owned were John Croce’s Don’t Mess Around with JimLife and Times, and I Got a Name and the soundtrack Eddie and the Curisers (but when I was growing up, I never knew it was a soundtrack….even though it said Soundtrack on the record).

See it says Soundtrack *facepalm*

So while these records weren’t heavy rock these records really gave me a taste for the rock genre and all it could offer.

So thanks dad!

Rock On!




This simple word packs a whole lot of history. For some of this word can bring great pride and for others it can bring up old scars. With Christ we not only become a new creation (a new person) but we get a new lineage as well.

We get tied into a family that stretches back to the beginning of time! We can stretch that lineage back to Jesus and the apostles. That is so mind blowing to me that we are great decedents of the Apostles! And we are the decedents of many great men and women of the faith and many people, who even though not famous, were still obedient and faithful to Jesus’ calling.

In this lineage there are no mistakes, we are all the result of the same thing: God’s Grace and empowerment of the Holy Spirit to go for more. This grace and empowerment often worked through kind and loving people that loved God more than themselves.

As I reflect on my own spiritual lineage, I am blessed for the many men and women that poured into my life and sacrificed many things for me. These men and women will forever be held dear in my heart. It brings me great joy to know them and to know their story. They have been through a lot and have done a lot and I am blessed to have many great examples of how to live a passion filled life for Christ. Their examples and friendship have and will continue to spur me on in my own path and calling in Christ.

For those men and women I say this:

THANK YOU!! I love you all dearly.