Wicked Dogs!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wicked Witch.”

Since I don’t feel like talking about evil today I will totally ignore this post and post a few pictures of dogs dressed up as the wicked witch/Halloween costume. All pictures came from a simple Google search, I have no legal ownership of them.

This one just for fun:

Where did that cat come from??? Have to take that one out, this post is about dogs!…..but it so cuuutttteeeeeeeeeee.


How to Sound Smart in 1 Easy Step

Restate something in such a way that it sounds like a game changer.


Cow jumped over the moon. –> The moon moved under the cow.


I really think that’s what a lot of experts do now, just restate what has already been said. #My2cents

Your welcome, Happy Tuesday everybody!

10 Reasons Your Homework Wasn’t Done @ Christian School/College

1) I was slain in the spirit all night…
2) God didn’t reveal the answer to me…
3) The spirit did a Philip thing were he transported me to another country but didn’t transport my homework with me….
4) I had to fight some demons in the next apartment over….
5) Jesus said follow me, and I don’t see Jesus doing homework….
6) My roomate kept speaking in tongues all night which distracted me…
7) A revival broke out in my one person bedroom so I couldn’t get to the assignment…
8) We were busy destroying images of Baal…
9) I was too sore from worshiping so hard…
10) The worship drummer ate my homework…

What Animal Are You?

What Animal am I? That’s a question I ask myself everyday, okay not really but its still a very important question…right?

Anyways if you have been wondering the same thing have no fear Google has got the answer. To celebrate Earth Day they published a little quiz that finally puts the question to rest. It takes less then a minute (unless you are a text book over thinker) and really fun.

I got a Giant Squid obviously because of my giant tentacles and cone shaped head.


If you try it out, comment back on what Animal You are 🙂

Days Off

PTO is like the adult equivalent of a snow day that you know the night before. The next day is filled with endless wonder and opportunity, and the night can be enjoyed since there is no need to wake up early for work. Who has two thumbs and will be sleeping in tomorrow….this guy!!


The guy on PTO