My New Favorite Acronym: EMOM

So last night I had pizza. Usually when we decide to order some of those Delicious pies, its an huge pig out on my part, an eating frenzy that would making animal planet proud. I’m talking half a pizza, breadsticks, and desert. A size of meal that would feed a reasonable person a couple of meals.

Last night, though, I only had a quarter of a pizza, two slices (feta cheese, pineapple and pepperoni! Hmmmm Delicious!). Okay so I had half of the breadsticks, but I didn’t have any desert! So I call it a win in terms of eating less. Also, after letting the food settle, I didn’t feel hungry at all. I wasn’t stuffed nor starving, but just right.

I decided last night semi-healthy decision was enough momentum and motivation to get back to working out. I haven’t worked out for about two weeks, so I knew I wasn’t going to be at the top of my game. Also I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to go to the gym or exercise at home tonight, plus I had to run some errands during lunch, so I had a very limited time window. I have been reading a bunch of exercise tips and tricks on Men’s Health, and one that stood out in particular was EMOM, which stands for Every Minute On the Minute. Basically you start your reps at the top of the minute, do your set amount of reps, and the rest for the remainder of the minute, and once the new minute rolls around, start again. The point is to do enough reps as you can without having to sacrifice form or the amount of time, also do enough to go through the minute with a little time left over to rest. I figured with my limited time window, trying a 10 minute session of EMOM would work.

Here was my set:

  1. 6 burpees
  2. 6 burpees
  3. 5 push ups (with a five second hold at the bottom)
  4. 5 push ups (with a five second hold)
  5. 30 seconds of  jump squats
  6. 30 seconds of jump squats
  7. 5 burpees
  8. 4 push ups (with a four second hold)
  9. 20 seconds jump squats

It was only 9 minutes, but I was more tired then I am after a 1.5 mile run on the treadmill. I think 9 minutes is worth the sacrifice to get that type of response. Plus as time grows I can increase my amount of time plus the amount of reps per minute, then add other pieces to the regiment. Another plus is having an exercise that your excited about is way better then having to force yourself to work out.

Happy sweating everybody!


Good Food, Bad Food, I just want the Food (“Fed Up” Documentary Response)

So I knew about bad eating, I also knew about good eating. I knew pop is bad and the more ingredients there is (with longer names, that you don’t understand) the more likely that its bad for you.

But something about this documentary, scared the sugar out of me. After watching this, I wanted to purge myself of everything I’ve ever eaten, EVER.

It was like something finally clicked in my brain, and I realized I have to not only change the way I eat, but the way I view food. I can’t only focus on the taste of the food but what the effects putting it in my body might be.

If you are not aware, Fed Up is a documentary (which is now available on Netflix) about the obesity epidemic in America. It focuses on the food industry’s (negative) connection to the issue and how food companies are only making things worse for the consumer. You always have to be careful with documentaries to not absorb it without a filter, because they are naturally want to sell or promote a specific idea. While the documentary keeps berating the food industry, it does throw in some education along the way.

The documentary has caused me to change how I view the food I eat, and has made me start checking the labels way more. It also made me rethink my weight loss approach:

  1. Casual exercise won’t give results. Have to go hard
  2. Eating better, life giving, foods is a must
  3. Eating less will go along way
  4. I am the owner of my food choices.

Eating out isn’t completely off the table, but I need to order way smarter and portion control myself. Discipline with food is a key. You don’t really think about disciplining the way you eat because eating isn’t inherently bad. But with food so readily available, and so heavily processed, using discipline is a must (definitely if you went to Taco Bell every other day in college).

In the end this is a lifestyle and not just a temporary fix. I don’t want to live my life in a hospital or nursing home waiting for diabetes to kill me. I know Jesus heals and that he can take away any disease, but there is a responsibility that one should have and not just carelessly lean on God to fix their messes. I don’t want to be like that, I want to prevent the problem so I don’t have to worry about fixing it later.

So here is to good eating!