Dad’s Vinyls

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Papa Loves Mambo.”


I have always been the black sheep of my family in the music department. While I grew up listening and liking country my heart grew to love rock and metal. I loved the heavy riffs, the soaring guitar solos, the brutal breakdowns; I love rock! Even though rock and metal are my go to jams, I also listen to worship, classical, pop, folk, rap, and what ever else comes up. I love music in all it’s styles and forms.

While I don’t listen to the same music as my family, my dad has been my biggest musical influence. He did listen to classic rock, which introduced me to genre. We would often listen to it in the car; usually when it was him and I, and we would just drive. It was a great and fun time with my dad.

To go with it, my dad owned a record player (before the hipsters made it mainstream), and my favorite vinyls that he owned were John Croce’s Don’t Mess Around with JimLife and Times, and I Got a Name and the soundtrack Eddie and the Curisers (but when I was growing up, I never knew it was a soundtrack….even though it said Soundtrack on the record).

See it says Soundtrack *facepalm*

So while these records weren’t heavy rock these records really gave me a taste for the rock genre and all it could offer.

So thanks dad!

Rock On!


My New(ish) Friday Jams (9/25/2015)

There are a few jams for this fine Friday (the goal is newer albums or singles), but really only one stands superior to all:

Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable


Okays, so this album dropped last weekend; but I’m still cranking it in my Batman earbuds. It has a mix of catchy hooks and bars that are fire and convicting. It boasts his most personal tracks yet, and the emotion translates very well across the flow of the album. Definitaly one of the best albums of the year so far.

Tracks to rock to: “Uncomfortable”, “Now I Know”, “Hear My Heart”, “Vendetta”, “Love”

Marty- Marty for President

Marty for President

So Marty from Social Club, released a solo 6 track EP. Like Marty, its fun, relevant, and reflective. It feels like a different style (more laid back, slower, groove oriented tracks) then Social Club but its still as good.

Tracks to rock out to:  “The One Where She Stayed,”, “The One with My Friends”

Ryan Adams- 1989


Found this little gem while perusing Spotify. This CD makes Taylor Swift songs easier to listen to. I don’t know if I actually like this or just think its funny. He isn’t making fun of Taylor, but yet his voice makes it fun. It brings more of a rock/blues/folk feel to the pop heavy songs, so more my style; some songs do remind me of Gaslight Anthem, which has a style of love! Overall a fun album for all, Swift lovers and haters.

Tracks to rock out to: “Style”, “All You Had to Do Was Stay”, “I Know Places”

What are you listening to today? Have you listened to any of these albums? Let me know in the comments below!