Two Sentence Story Challenge

A very interesting and exciting challenge has been issued by C.S. Wilde on her blog.

The challenge: write a story in two sentences. Straightforward enough.

Here we go..


The couple, with joy and awe, stared over the precipice. Then they said “I do.”


It’s so cool how many directions you can go with two sentences, and how only two sentences can spark your imagination. I will definitely use this for some fiction writing.

Thanks for the idea  Wilde!


If I was 6 again…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Life’s a Candy Store.”

If I could be 6 again and had 24 hours to do anything I would totally eat anything I want, and play out side the whole time. I couldn’t drive, or more accurately, it would be illegal for me to drive. So really all I could do was release responsibility and do what children do; eat and play. I would play with my sister, probably kick the soccer ball around. Play with our old dog, Magic.

I would be care-free and just do whatever came up. I have no schedule, no responsibilities. No where to be, no one depending on me, no job to go to.

I could take a nap, but I could do that now. I could watch old tv shows, but thanks to Youtube I could do that now too. The one thing I can’t do is replace the time with family, when we are all young(er).

I also picture it being autumn time. The fall is so much better, its a little bit cooler, the leavers are coming off. I can totally play in a big pile of leaves!!!!

And I could eat whatever I wanted. I’m six, I’ll burn it all off the next day. Weight sticks less when your younger, not like it does even in your twenties (why do I feel so old). I could even walk down to the ol’ penny candy store and buy a bunch of candy. I would talk to the sweet old lady who owned the place, and say thank you.

But yeah, if I had a day when I was 6 again I would only do two things, Eat and Play.

The Thunderbirds Book One Intro

The dormitory was on fire! The screams of fellow students that were trying to find their way outside could be heard from the third floor. Nathan, slowly, made his way down the smoke filled hallway, crouching low to the ground trying to avoid breathing in as much smoke as he could. As he was nearly at the end of the hall when he heard a desperate scream from behind. He turned his head to look behind him but saw nothing beside thicker smoke and a glowing orange that seemed to be getting brighter. He knew the fire was racing towards him. He was about to continue down the hall when he heard the high pitch scream again. He recognized the vocal tone, it had to be Kamala Strange. She must be trapped in her dorm room! Nathan frantically thought. At the realization that Kamala was in trouble, Nathan jumped to his feet, not caring about the smoke, and started to race towards the door. Suddenly flames appeared before him; Nathan didn’t care about it though, he just pushed through the fire like he was fireproof. He came to Kamala’s door and shouted her name while pounding on the door. He tried to turn the handle, but it was too hot to even grip. He tried for the handle again but couldn’t get through the heat. He tried the other hand, but with the same result. He realized that the handle just wasn’t going to work, he had to bring the door itself down. He backed up a few feet, to give himself enough room to build up momentum. He took a deep breath, pride swelling up in his puffed out chest. I’m going to look so manly doing this, Kamala is just going to go crazy seeing this, was Nathan’s thought; he allowed a smirk to come across his face as he gave one final breath. Then focusing all his energy forward he bursted in motion, running at full speed. With the door only a foot in front of him, Nathan pushed down as hard as he could and took a mighty leap towards the door and…..

Piled Up

So this is kinda overwhelming…. I have 22 saved drafts right now…

I need to sit down and focus on pounding some content out.

Though, it isn’t from total neglect. I am working on a novel, one that has been in my head for about five, six years now. I’ve finally decided to pen it and follow a life long dream of mine to publish a novel. I’m very excited about it and very excited to share it, but when the time is right (you really don’t want to see the 1st draft chicken scratch haha).

I’m also thinking of a monthly series so at least you guys can get a glimpse of my writing and style, and I would get some stories out there. But writing one story along with the slue of other (some are more important) priorities, makes a monthly series very unlikely.

So I’ll be updating this blog when I can, because I really enjoy reading and posting, and hopefully I’ll have something to show soon.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t Do This!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Well, I Never….”

Never do the following:

  • Never do the worm, if you don’t know how to do the worm. It will look like you are doing something far far different. (4th Grade)
  • Never take curves fast when raining (Junior or Senior Year of College)
  • Never go to the far sides of the internet, there is nothing out there worth it
  • Never itch poison ivy, it will drive you to keep itching and keep itching. (Currently battling)
  • Never attempt the splits or any high jump when renting a tux, it will rip at the exact moment people start watching
  • Never jump from an amp with a lead pencil on the ground, it will jam in your foot; if that does happen DON’T stop playing, remove at end of song.

That is just my quick and personal list of things not to do.


My Energy Boosters

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Edge

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?

What is my sanity booster? I love blogging and writing. I also love reading and watching Netflix, but I can’t do those at the same time though. I love hanging out with my friends and my wife. All these are great ways to keep my level and to keep my energy up. God created me in a way that my desires are to write and read and fellowship with people. I enjoy thinking and having quiet. Not that I don’t like loud spaces (I was in a rock band, I know loud), but to regain some energy I need quiet.

The best times spent in quiet I have found is when I praise God for what he has done in my life. Yeah I can write and read and those do have a great impact on me but nothing quenches my soul like talking to God. Sometimes it isn’t easy, either my flesh doesn’t want to or my calendar is telling me I don’t have time; my soul and mind know that spending time with God makes the greatest impact more than anything.

My soul is most at peace when I connect to God and hear from him. He is truly a Fountain of Living Water.

Psalm 46:

“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.”

Revelation 21:6

“And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.”