Cool Books and Pretty Graphs

My full time job is in Business Intelligence, which is a fancy way of saying I create pretty graphs together based on data to help the business make informed decisions. #geeklife

Because of this I follow a Reddit page called r/dataisbeautiful. If you love cool viz, I suggest checking it out. They have graphs/visualizations on anything from history, to football, to weather patterns, to even Leonard DiCaprio’s Dating life. It was on this page I found a fun visualization on the most popular fantasy books and their. (Link below)

It was cool to see a lot of the books I love charted out and how a story unveils itself over time. Like the Lord of the Rings series, based on the visual the first book is the longest, and get’s shorter over time. Which is the exact opposite in the Harry Potter series. I’ve never read the Wheel of Time but I know that it is a huge sprawling epic of a series, but I was surprised that it wasn’t the longest, I haven’t even heard of the The Riftwar Cycle.

Out of all these series I’ve read (either completely or not) 7 out of 26, which means I have a lot more reading to do.

How many books from the graph above have you read? Which one is your favorite or least favorite? And which series should I read first Wheel of Time or The Riftwar Cycle. Sound off in the comments. See y’all later friends.


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