What I Read in January 2020

I love reading! Sometimes it gets me in trouble, like walking into the book store with every intent of buying only one book and then leaving with twenty. I think I love the prospect of entering another world or another aspect of our world, the fantasy, the history. Even when I was young my imagination ran like Shadowfax across the fields of Rohan. Since I love books so much, I wanted to write about what I’m reading, I’m also on GoodReads too and update somewhat regularly. For the first month of the year, I read a total of three books. Completed one and reading through 2 others.

The one that I completed was Goodbye Chicken Hello Dove by Tim Enloe. This was a encouraging read and a good way to start off the year. Its a Christian living book that I would recommend to others. I think someone who doesn’t know much about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit would benefit the most, but it is still encouraging and insightful for anybody no matter what your experience has been with the Holy Spirit. If that peaks your interest I would suggesting checking the book out.

The two books that I’m still reading through are Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings Part 1 and Bruce K. Waltke’s Genesis: A Commentary. Both are magnificent reads but very dense, particularly the beginning of The Way of Kings. I wouldn’t recommend reading both at the same time, but this is the boat I found myself in so I will go down with it. #stubborn I would put one down to focus on the other, but I’m afraid I would forget everything and have to start over, so here I am. Both are great reads, for different reasons. One is an epic fantasy novel with a rich world and history while the other is an in-depth study at a book in the Bible. So far I would highly recommend both, just don’t read them at the same time. I will say the more I get into both the more of a rhythm I’m falling into, but still they are very rich books that demand focus. I would highly suggest checking both books out.

Like I said you can follow me too at Goodreads

What books are your reading currently or have complete already in the new year? Sound off in the comments below.

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